Think Safe

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While it may be easy to make mistakes such as the one being illustrated here, think of shotgun safety as common etiquette; consider others as you would have them think of you. Accident-free gun handling is the responsibility of every shooter, but here are some gentle reminders! There’s really nothing new to safety, but there are always new shooters and youngsters who don’t know the rules and a few others who don’t practice them. So, a little repetition can do no harm and hopefully, some good – especially at a time when there is the specter of further gun controls. Sadly, there are always plenty of stories about hunters shooting people they thought were animals. No one, worthy of the name hunter, ever just thinks before taking the responsibility of releasing a lethal load into the countryside. He makes damn sure first and if there’s the slightest shadow of doubt, for any reason whatever, he doesn’t shoot. So you lose a bird […]